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Lake County Community Radio

If the FM signal is stuttering or down, try the Live Stream. 
Lake's covid19 status is Low community risk. See

KPFZ Studio Keyless Lock Update

The changeover to the keyless entry for KPFZ is delayed. 

Some, not all, of KPFZ Programmers, Hosts/Co-Hosts and Board Operators have already received their codes.  If you have sent your contact information to John Moorhead at and gotten a confirmation, you'll get your PIN code in the next few days.   

If you haven't yet sent your contact information to John at, please do so. 

All volunteers will have ample time to check out the new lock system before it replaces the keyed lock to the green room/air studio.   If you have any questions, contact John Moorhead directly at

Thanks for your work here at KPFZ.


Upcoming Shows on KPFZ

Updated 1/27/23



Wednesday Febuary 1, 2023 on HARD CANDY RADIO !  Hard Candy Radio will have Wayne Lozinak from the band Hate Breed on the show!  Tune in ! 88.1 fm 7pm to 9pm PST

We always welcome volunteers and in particular, those who are interested in being a Programmer, Studio Board Operator or Board Member. See our Volunteer Page.


The station periodically reviews its Covid19 studio protocols. Subject to programmer agreements we can now have three people in the studio at the same time, and one live show can follow another.

Programmers : Announce your upcoming shows via email to or use the Contact Form for Category "Web Editor" and we will set it up for you.

Listeners: You can make a comment about a show on the Contact Form Category "I have comments about a program". It will be forwarded to the programmer.

Zoom.  The KBO studio computer is set up ... and is ready to Zoom!!! For details see