Volunteer Information

Here is some information to aid our volunteers while they help out KPFZ:

Programmer Application. 

  • Before you file a formal application you should contact the Program Director, Chloe Karl (programdirector@kpfz.org)  to discuss your interests and how you might fit in.
  • If you wish to proceed, read the documents below - particularly those marked "Important", and the "Programmer Guidelines".
  • Then fill in the Program Application Form and send it as an email attachment to  ProgramDirector@kpfz.org  This document will go to the Program Committee. If your proposed show is accepted the Program Director and Station Manager will assign it a slot in our schedule .

Zoom documentation is at  https://krs.kpfz.org  Also see https://kpfz.org/zoom

Web Editor documentation is on the "Admin" tab of this page.

Studio Board Operator:  if you can program a digital clock radio then you can learn how to be a board operator! We will train you on how to do it.

Programmer Information

A guide to call-in hosts -- set up a conference call for co-hosts -- then one line will always be open for call-ins
See the Instructions for Android and Iphone

Programmer Reporting Pages :

  • FCC PIF Tab : Public Inspection file Issues List and Program List
  • Spinitron Tab : Report on music played in a two-week period each quarter 

LCCR Board Application

  • The LCCR Board Application is available HERE.  The term of a board membership is two years. Thus elections of  half of the entire board are held annually: existing members can re-apply.  However,  if there are open seats they can be filled at any time. You can call the office to inquire -- or use the contact form -- select the "Board" category. 


Email accounts at kpfz.org (eg webmaster@kpfz)