FCC Public File

This is the online KPFZ Public Inspection File, which replaces the paper file in the office.

  • The Public and Broadcasting (July 2008 edition)
    Note : this lists a large number of documents which must be in the  public file of an FM station, but this includes commercial stations, and many of the requirements do not apply to KPFZ,  which is a small, educational non-profit radio station. Also, it does not reflect the fact the the Public File is being moved online.
  • Chief Operator
    Andy Weiss  (Station Manager, Chief Operator)
    Bill Rett (Acting Chief Operator, in absence of Chief Operator)
  • Ownership Report  (and Related Documents)
    • KPFZ 88.1 FM Lakeport  is owned and operated by Lake County Community Radio Inc (LCCR),  a California Public Benefit Corporation.
    • Board Members and officers
      President – Chloe Karl
      Vice President – (Unfilled)
      Secretary – Susan Krones
      Treasurer – Olga Martin-Steele
      Board Member – Nick Baker
      Board Member – Frank Picabo Dollosso
      Board Member – James Brown Eagle
      Board Member – Ron Green
      Board Member – Thurman ("Tee") Watts
    • LCCR Bylaws (2010)
  • FCC Authorizations: 
    FCC License 12/21/2016 to 12/01/2021 (BRED-20130916AAA)
  • Transmitter Contour Maps
  • Issues List / Program List


The Public Inspection File is maintained by Alan Fletcher. Any questions  or comments about the Public file should be addressed to : publicfile@kpfz.org

At present (Nov 16, 2017) it is hosted on this site, KPFZ.org.  (FCC : "Licensees may choose to maintain all or part of their public inspection files in a computer database rather than in paper files.") The public file will  be uploaded to the FCC Public File site before the deadline of March 1, 2018.

The official form 323-E reflecting ownership on Oct 31, 2017 will be filed by March 1, 2018.