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Thanks for listening to Romeo and Juliet on Saturday 25th.  (With just a couple of technical hitches at the KPFZ end ... like one of the laptops deciding to reboot at the beginning of the show!)

You can view the whole performance on Youtube
The Program is here



Our Program Director, Chloe Karl, reports the following schedule changes :

The 7am - 9 am Music schedule is as follows :

  • Monday: Songs of Freedom--Lisa L
  • Tuesday: Raptured Disc -Roberto L
  • Wednesday: Voices of Turtle Island - James B
  • Thursday: Pulse Pangea - Lisa L
  • Friday Folk and Beyond/ Kitchen Sink
  • Saturday: Unheard Music- Brad K

Tuesdays : "Savings and Trust" with Deb Bielenberg,who will BO Tuesdays from  Noon to 3, replacing Tee Watts who is taking a  leave  for 4 months. Deb has a repeat show on Saturdays from 6 pm - 8 pm. (Except July 25 -- see below).

Taira St John will be off the air for 4 months as well. 

Jim Brown is Tuesday at 4 pm - 5 pm with "Voices from Turtle Island." and at 5 pm - 6 pm Tuesday with "Tribal Voices." Jim is Board Op and host for these shows

Fridays: “Pulse Pangea “ with Lisa Lehmer  will be aired on Fridays at 7 pm - 9 pm, Starting Friday July 17th

Saturdays :  “Songs of Freedom” with Lisa Lehmer  will air Saturdays from 8 pm to 10 pm, starting Saturday July 18th. (Except July 25.)

Saturdays 2 pm - 4 pm - Potpourie -- various old music shows -- Denim Alley this week.

Saturday, July 25 : Special Programming  features Shakespeare at the Lake  Theatre production "Romeo and Juliet." airing from 7 pm - 9pm with host Alan Fletcher taking control of the board at KPFZ (and acting in the play).

A replay  of Savings and Trust will air 2-4pm. Then Alan will  run the board for Wordweavers (Susan Krones, 4-5pm) and The Law Show (Herb Gura 5-6 pm).  There will be a recorded show 6-7pm .  

The schedule has been updated to reflect these changes. 

Only one Board Operator (BO) will be in the studio at a time. Other hosts will call in to do their show. A guide to call-in hosts -- set up a conference call for co-hosts -- then one line will always be open for call-ins
See the Instructions for Android and Iphone

We have an emergency  schedule up. We will leave the schedule for past days up, but it may change.

Programmers : Announce your upcoming shows here via email or use the Contact Form for "Web Editor" and we will set it up for you.

Wordweavers -- Saturday Jan 5 at 4pm (replays Monday 11 pm)

Please join us on Wordweavers, for something old, and someone new.

Something old :  On January First over 50,000 works from 1923 -- including poetry, novels, movies and music -- came into the public domain. Due to a change in the copyright law there have been no such releases for the last 20 years.  Examples include Robert Frost "New Hampsire", ee cummings "Tulips and Chimneys" and Kahlil Gibran "The Prophet".  Plus "Yes! We have no bananas!"

Someone new : Amy Marsh is a fantasy novelist, blogger, poet, clinical sexologist, and certified hypnotist, new to Lake County. Among other things she'll be talking about and reading from her fantasy novel completed last year, The Dire Deeds of the Guild of Ornamental Hermits (set in Hawai'i) and her sequel in progress, The Witching Work of the Guild of the Ornamental Hermits (set in Lake County).

Amy will take phone calls towards the end of the program : call 707-263-3435 after we open the lines.

(Since we are talking about words here, and wish to keep well clear of any FCC violations, we won't be covering her professional life!)

Amy's blog and contact information can be found here : Lady Of The Lake Blog

Special Programming on Tuesday, December 25, 2018

In order to give the KPFZ Programmers an opportunity to spend time with family and friends during the holiday, we will be running special programming on Tuesday, December 25, 2018.  There will be a dramatization of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.  The first airing will begin at 9:00 a.m. followed by a rebroadcast at 3:00 p.m.  The show is six hours long.

Lake County Community Radio hopes you and yours have a safe and happy holiday season!

Live Election Coverage at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Remember to vote today!

Then, tune in to KPFZ's election night coverage. Ron Green, Herb Gura, and Susan Krones will share results for Lake County, the State races and propositions, and around the nation as they come in until all races are decided or too close to call

Live coverage starts at 7 PM on 88.1 FM.  You can also stream it live at

The Studio call in line is 707/263.3435.

Special Thanks to King B, host of Unherd Radio, for sharing his timeslot.  King B will return next week - November 13 @ 7 p.m.

Lakeport School Board Election Interviews on Philadelphia Lawyer Show - Saturday at 10 am

Election day is almost here! Ron Green has 3 interesting guests on the Philadelphia Lawyer Show on KPFZ 88.1 FM this Saturday, October 27 at 10 AM -- the 3 candidates running as a slate against the incumbents for Lakeport School Board - Carly Alvord, Dan Buffalo and Jen Hanson. The show repeats on Monday, October 29 at 10 AM. It can be streamed live both times at We will probably take some calls (707/263-3435) during the latter part of the show.

On The Philadelphia Lawyer Show - Candidate interview Saturday at 10 a.m.

It's election season! Join Host Ron Green on the Philadelphia Lawyer Show on KPFZ 88.1 FM this Saturday, October 6 at 10 AM with his guest, Russell Perdock, candidate for Clearlake City Council. The show repeats on Monday, October 8 at 10 AM. It can be streamed live at We will take some calls (707/263-3435) during the latter part of the show. Russell Perdock resigned as Councilmember several months ago but is running again. There are 3 people running for 2 seats. Perdock's opponents are Dirk Slooten and Russell Cremer (incumbent who was appointed to fill Perdock's seat). Slooten was my guest on September 29 and Cremer will be my guest on October 20.