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Jazz 100 - Program #105 6-7am Wednesday Morning

 Jazz 100 this week - A giant - with a career spanning six decades - it's Ahmad Jamal - in this iteration - the Ahad Jamal Trio, Live at the Pershing Lounge, 1958.  This concert, and the album, got rave reviews then... and now.... and to show you - if you happened to have a copy of this on vinyl...  They're going north of $300.  But, Jazz is priceless, and it's yours for a song, on Jazz 100!

"Citizen Lake" - Program on Kelseyville/Konocti Proposed Name Change - Seeking Input

All - 

I am producing a one hour program of "Citizen Lake" that will examine the issue, area history and points of view surrounding changing the name of Kelseyville to Konocti,  I hosted a zoom meeting last week, and plan on doing it again.  There were some troubles with video and all, all on my end, so it is a work in progress.

"Listen to the Music" - Tuesday Repeat 12 Noon - It's 4:20 REEEEFERRRR MADNESSS!

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Okay - I usually produce my programs several weeks in advance.  I had April programs put to bed in February... But then, THEN - I noticed that "Listen to the Music" falls on 4/20!  Well, that's low hanging fruit - and I would want to make Ron Green happy, so...  a special REEFER MADNESS episode of "Listen to the Music" aired last Saturday, but repeats on Tuesday from Noon til 2..  You'll hear songs you're familiar with - think "Smoke Two Joints" or "Don't Bogart That Joint, My Friend"... as well as some surprises!