Thank You For Resolving KPFZ's Transmission Issues

KPFZ Transmission Repair HeroesA huge THANK YOU to Simon Frech and Brad King for resolving the KPFZ transmission issues.

Simon (on the left in the picture) is the technical director of KMUD in Garberville.  Simon heard about our issues and drove here to see if he could help us out.  He and Brad King (on the right in the picture), host of KPFZ's Unherd Radio every Tuesday from 7-9 p.m., started troubleshooting.  

They climbed up on the studio roof and located the problem.  Even better, they fixed the issue.  See the second photo for the issue.  

So when it rains, you still should be able to hear KPFZ on the FM band at 88.1, thanks to Simon and Brad.  

Special thanks to Roberto Lozano for the photos.

Transmission Issue

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