KPFZ Broadcasts Affected by Mendocino Complex Fire

KPFZ broadcasts have been affected by the Mendocino Complex Fire.  On Sunday, July 29, 2018, the City of Lakeport was issued a mandatory evacuation.  The KPFZ Studio is located in Lakeport. 

At the time of the order, David Lark, KPFZ web developer, and Brad, a frequent caller, called in on the Studio phone lines.  They, along with Ben Weiss, host of the Ham Radio College, started broadcasting information about the Mendocino Complex Fire from their homes.  They managed to stay connected using their phones for over 6 hours and providing valuable information to those affected by the fires.

Sherriff Brian Martin has agreed to allow a skeleton crew to man the station.  KPFZ is back on the air at this time.  However, if conditions change, KPFZ may have to stop broadcasting temporarily.  Watch this site and the Lake County Community Radio Facebook page for updated information.

A special thank you to David, Ben, and Brad!  You ROCK!

Be safe.

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