Fires affecting Lake County : Sulphur, Long, Tubbs, Redwood, and Pocket

The Sulphur fire is Lake County's latest major fire, which affects the Sulphur Bank, Windflower Point, Gooseneck, and Clearlake Park areas, grew to over 2500 acres, and  destroyed 136 residences and 30 other structures. We are also covering the Long Fire (Long and Spring Valley), Tubbs Fire (active on Mount St Helena, potentially affecting Middletown), Redwood Fire (threatening Lake Pilsbury) and the Pocket Fire (near Geyserville). Here are some resources:

  • Tuesday through Saturday, October 17 through 21, the City of Clearlake and the County of Lake will partner with community, State, and national service and relief organizations to provide a one-stop Local Assistance Center (LAC) for those impacted by the Sulphur Fire. Please, rather than going it alone, come and allow this experienced team to walk alongside you. 

    The LAC will be open from 11:00am-7:00pm, at the Clearlake Senior Community Center, located at 3245 Bowers Ave, Clearlake, CA, 95422. 

Infra-red satellite maps

WARNING: the satellite data is not real-time --  the map may be 6 or more hours out of date. It is an automatic system -- it can miss fires and it can give false reports.  The VIIRS  satellite has a polar orbit 500 miles high. Its instruments cover a 'swath' 2000 miles wide, so it will also miss fires behind ridges. (MODIS is even more prone to this effect). For example, the Long fire went un-noticed. 

  • This map is provided by the National Wildfire Coordination Group :
    Round dots are low-resolution data from the MODIS satellites, which are accurate only to 1 mile. Square dots are from the new VIIRS system, with about 400 yard accuracy (325 m).  The color codes are red (0-12 hrs), orange (12-24 hrs), yellow (24-48 hrs) and black (older).
  • is privately run, and has had some service problems. It does offer a wide range of maps, including detailed topo maps.

KPFZ will be having special coverage as appropriate during the course of this emergency. Our best wishes to you in these difficult times.

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