Board of Directors Meet on Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 6:15 p.m.

The Board Of Directors meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 6:15 p.m.  The meeting is held on the third Thursday of each month.

Board members will meet upstairs in the KPFZ office at 149 North Main Street in Lakeport. The public is always encouraged and welcome to attend. There is an agenda item for Public Input for items not on the agenda.  Each speaker has up to 3 minutes.  Please check in with this website or the KPFZ station at 707-263-3640 for meeting agendas and any updates.

When the agenda and minutes are available, they will be posted in the comments.

Mark your calendars! See you there.

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MAY 18, 2017, 6:15 pm

I.  Call to order

II.    Welcome/ Introductions/ Public Input

tIII.   Minutes Review

IV.   Treasurer’s Report - Olga

V.   General Manager’s Report - Andy
    Program changes
    Station Repairs
    General Operations
    Fund Drive Report

VII.  Committee Reports
    A.  Website Report - Alan
    B.  Events - Susan, Chloe
    C.  Underwriting - Susan L
    D.  Membership - Deb P
    E.  By Laws working group  - Ron

VIII.  New Business

IX.  Next Meeting/ Adjournment


Meeting Minutes

May 18, 2017

I.      Call to order at 6:15 pm by President Karl

II.      Board Members Present

Nick Baker, Picabo Dollosso, Chloe Karl, Susan Krones, Olga Martin-Steele, John Mitchell 

Absent:  Jim Brown, Ron Green, T-Watts

General Manager:  Andy Weiss not present. Guests:  See attached list

Public Input:  Jake Jacobson asked if KPFZ has an Emergency Response Plan.  If not, he would like to help to set this up.  This should be put on the agenda for next meeting.

III.      Approval of Minutes –    The minutes from the last regular meeting on 4/20/17 were approved as written.        

IV.      Treasurer’s Report – Martin-Steele. See written report for finances through 5/9/17.   Current balance in checking is $6,361.24 and savings is $4,085.  We are continuing to collect pledges made at the last fund drive.  The current report does not include credit card payments that were just put into the system.  There were $14,390 in payments and pledges which amount includes proceeds from the newsletter mailing.  The sustaining membership pledges have not been processed yet. 

V.      General Manager’s Report – Weiss is not present.  Karl reported for Weiss.  a.    Tech problems – A new Ethernet cable was installed on Monday but we continue to have sound dropouts on the air.  Rich Adams, Brad King and Flipper installed the new cable so thanks to them for the volunteer work.  The problem with this data/ sound dropouts needs to be explored further and may require hiring a RF engineer.  b. Programs – There is one new show with Doc doing an R&B music show.  New Dimensions is being played Sunday mornings at 8:00 am.   c. Program Director – We have a job description.  There was discussion about ways to search for a program director.  d.  Program Committee – a meeting will be scheduled within the next few weeks.    

VI.      Committee Reports:

a. Website – Alan Fletcher reported that there are some problems if people try to stream on android devices.  Fletcher has been reviewing FCC rules.  He reported that we will be required to have our “Public File” on our website by March 2018.  The Public File is currently kept in the office.  The Board is concerned with maintaining FCC compliance and is taking steps to address any issues regarding ongoing compliance. 

b. Underwriting – The current recorded announcements are still being revised to reduce the time to approximately 30 seconds. We will reimburse $62 to the son of Carli Tibbets, who recently passed away, for unused announcements.  Our condolences to the family.   

c.  Membership -  Debbie Pierce is continuing to send out membership cards and thank-you letters.  

d.  By-Laws – Next meeting will be in June.    

e. Events:   1. April 29, 2017 Concert by Scottish singers Alan Reid and Rob Van Sante made $666.00 but the expenses were $675.00 which were covered by Krones.  2.  Ma Muse – Karl is looking into setting up a concert with this group.  3.  Buffy St. Marie – Martin-Steele is working on a concert in September.  The cost for Buffy and her band is $5,000.  There was discussion about how much we would need to charge for tickets.  The Soper-Reese Theatre would be willing to share expenses with us.  Martin Steele will follow-up with Buffy’s agent.   

   Next Meeting will be Thursday, 6/15/17 @ 6:15 pm at the station.       

   Adjournment- 8:25 p.m.

Minutes submitted by:     Susan Krones, Secretary